Is a foot pathology, that is characterized by pain in the frontal area of the sole of foot exactly a little behind the toes and may concern either the central area or the 1st ray (medially) or the 5th ray (laterally).
The cause is usually of Biomechanical origin (bad bearing of the foot due to bad shoes) which changes the natural charging of the foot or is due to an anatomical anomaly like longer metatarsals or to regional inflammatory conditions or finally to nerve conditions (like Morton’s neuroma).
Due to intense pressure by walking, keratosis appear in the area of the metatarsal heads in those heads which suffer from this pathology, with the passage of time it affects women more because of the use of high-heeled shoes which worsens the more vertical wait bearing of metatarsal heads. It rarely appears in men but this is more serious because it hides more serious predisposing factors like flatfoot etc.
As far as treatment is concerned, it can to a great percentage be dealt with conservatively with the use of special but correctly manufactured soles so as to prolong even for years the possibility of surgery. In the cases which conservative treatment is not sufficient enough to deal with the problem then the treatment is surgery.
Dr. P. Salonikidis also treats pathology with percutaneous surgery of the head of metatarsal, following the PBS method.