Hammer Toe

It is the condition which is characterized by the fact that the first joint is bending position forming an acute angle as shown in the picture. The basic first phalanx of the toe is in dorsiflexion while the middle phalanx is in plantar flexion. Usually there is the development of a callous on the joint due to contact-friction with the shoe. Also, this hyperkeratosis due to friction with the shoe causes redness, regional inflammation and pain. It is usually attributed to malfunction of the functional balance between the tendons and muscles because of structural change of the foot which occurs with time. Common causes of this pathology are tight shoes, long toe, an injury and heredity. As far as the symptoms are concerned, they are mainly pain, a regional inflammation of the skin, a burning sensation and even topical ulceration of the skin. This condition often co-exists with Hallux Valgus.