5th Metatarsus Varus

It is the outward and dorsal deviation of the 5th metatarsal head. Its cause is congenital and usually connected with shortening of the extensor bevies of the 5th toe. It usually coexists with sub dislocation or dislocation of the 5th metatarso falgeal articulation with hyperextension and varus of the basic phalanx of the 5th toe accompanied by rigidity of the articular capsule and respectively the inner lateral ligament.
Shortness of the extensor tendon of the 5th toe is often observed resulting in dorsal flexion of the toe and thus, becomes even more difficult the restoration of the dislocation. Its appearance id facilitated by high heels and tight shoes. There is also a percentage due to heredity, rheumatoid arthritis, and neurological or other pathological deformation of the foot in which case it is a secondary.
The therapy of this pathology is only surgical and is also carried out by Dr. Salonikidis with percutaneous surgery to restore the damages (osteotomy of the 5th metatarsal, caploplasty, tenolysis etc.).